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August 7, 2006

Remote Desktop: quick update

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I’m away from home currently, so haven’t been able to play with Remote Desktop into Ubuntu. i’m going to list out things I’ve done so far, and what I still want to setup, for reference later.

1. Changed the IP address from Dynamic (DHCP) to static (typed in a specific address, i.e. This actually was extremely easy, and I didn’t have to restart anything. I have a linksys router, and when I changed the ip address it went live.

1. I set up VNC by installing VNC4Server using Synaptics. This was probably unnecessary, though I haven’t fully verified that.

2. I used this (with TightVNC viewer on the Win XP laptop) to view an Ubuntu X-session across my home network, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. It gave me a grey window with a terminal section. I was able to launch a few games, but of course performance was terrible.

3. I found “Remote Desktop” already available under Ubuntu’s [System | Preference] menu. There’s only a few options, and they’re not hard to get right. Make sure to require a password, but you probably don’t want to require acceptance at the computer you are setting up for remote use – unless this is to help a friend or family member without having to go over to their computer :).

4. Run TightVNC again, but this time remember that you need to give the ip address AND display (i.e. is default).

Things left to do:

1. Get Remote Desktop (Sharing?) working on KDE – or verify that it won’t work?

2. Figure out sessions, how to change session numbers (why does my alternate KDE session start at 20? How can I make it easier to choose whether to log in to Gnome or KDE?).

3. Try to get Remote Desktop working not just on intranet, but when I’m not at home. Probably a pre-cursor to this is getting a domain name (or two).

4. enough Remote Desktop, move on to “Backing up”. 🙂  Oh, and I need to write a post on partitions.
Any advice, links, et cetera is quite welcome.  I will be sure to post what I learn.


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  1. I’ve recently installed Ubuntu on an old Optiplex machine I had lying around. The install was a breeze for my purposes (sound doesn’t work but this machine is for extended network storage). However I’ve been trying to get a remote X session configured using TightVNC. TVNC is a cinch to set up on a Windows machine but I was bummed to see that Ubuntu only sends a Terminal session by default. We’re you implying above that activating Ubuntu’s built in VNC settings sends the X info through TightVNC? I hadn’t tried that yet. Also, I’m able to connect to my Windows machines from the outside world with no problems at all. I simply forwarded the ports in my router and NAT configurations and connect via a browser (IE works best, but FireFox w/ IETab works fairly well) by entering the public address of my network and specifying a port number (ie:xx.xxx.xxx.x:5800). Just thought I’d drop a line to you as your page comes up repeatedly via google searches on the subject.

    Best of luck!

    Comment by innerspace — September 21, 2006 @ 1:13 am

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