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August 2, 2006

ubuntu install – a nice introduction to linux

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Just a quick note:  Posts have been light because installing Ubuntu didn’t go off quite as easily as I had hoped, and wound up taking a lot of time over the last few days.  This is mainly because either a) I’ve got a hardware problem, or b) I’ve got a corrupt Windows installation, or c) most likely a combination of both.

Anyways, Ubuntu’s successfully installed (after a Grub error 18, followed by repartitioning, followed by a Grub error 21, followed by a little tweak of the BIOS).  Along the way I made some mistakes, the computer randomly restarted and/or partioner crashed several times, and I learned that Ubuntu-ers can be very helpful in IRC, but probably only for a couple questions or for interesting questions that they have experience with.

Now I’ve got several fun things ahead, but the main thing is I’m thrilled at how powerful desktop linux is, how much is out there, and how much more control I have than on Windows.  Other than being free and open, it’s pretty much the same as Windows – some problems, some need more knowledge or troubleshooting than others, everything else just works…most of the time.

Expect more detailed articles about Ubuntu and life in general once I catch up on some Work work, and some Home work (like getting plumbing hooked up, now that we have countertops and a sink again!)


July 29, 2006

UbunTU! UbunTU! UbunTU!

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You can see I’m really excited. That’s because I finally got around to sticking my Ubuntu CD in and trying it out.

Awesome! These guys are really doing something cool for Linux. I’ve been following Linux news for at least a few years, lurking but never actually getting it on one of my computers. Today, I’ve finally broken through the wall thanks to a number of factors, and there are even more things that make it look like I’ll stay happy with Linux.

Contributing factors:

1. Ubuntu will send you a CD with the OS FOR FREE. Really, honest to goodness, FREE.

2. Something called “Live CD” – you don’t have to install it, uninstall Windows, or do anything (other than maybe get a friend to help you boot from CD). Just start your computer with the CD in the drive.

3. I have an old PC that I built (a monster), that hasn’t been run in a year or two. It’s got Win XP Pro, but won’t start up anymore. I don’t know why, it just hangs on the Win XP screen. So I figured, why not? Guess what…Unbuntu started right up!

4. Lots of hype, people, lots of hype. I already get frustrated by Windows daily. The Linux hype convinced me (with a little help from myself) that Linux could save me. It’s probably not completely true, but I’m willing to buy the story. Especially since…

It’s FREE! (Well, minus an hour or so, but then again I’m a geek so that’s how I like to spend my time).

End result – the computer I couldn’t boot up for the last month is now up and running, on the internet, and I’m really excited.

One other nice touch: the Ubuntu guys have taken some criticism here and there for the brown theme when everyone else is doing blue. After about 5 minutes, it suddenly dawned on me that I was so glad not to be staring at another blue screen (no pun intended). The brown is calm, if not peaceful then surely not turbulent. In fact, one might say it is background, where blue is more in your face. Not to mention it’s different. Brilliant move, guys. I didn’t fully appreciate the genius of that little touch until a few minutes ago.

There’s a lot of other cool things, and some weird things (my PC does still have some sort of hardware problem). I’ll get into those in another article, though. Ubuntu lovers, leave me some advice!


July 28, 2006

Second Post – Worse than the First

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Only been working with this for a few minutes, and all I can say is,


This is WAY Better than Blogger!  There’s some parts a little slower or more complicated, so for the beginning blogger (especially if you’re non-technical) Blogger may be a better starting point.  But if you want to do much with your blog, you’re going to quickly find yourself too limited and frustrated to stay on Blogspot.  So if you’re serious, try out WordPress.

Oh, this is soooo much better!  🙂

First post – trying WordPress

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First Post! (on WordPress, that is.)

Those of you coming from my other blog on Blogger will recognize the signs after my complaint about Blogger – I’m here to check out WordPress. Still have to get a hosted service and all, but this will at least give me an idea what WP has to offer. From a brief survey earlier, it looks like WP would be better for me than MT (Movable Type – or Typepad), even though I’m not opposed to paying for good software. Anyone who wants to weigh in, please do.

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